Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Review: Which Is Better?

Smartphone is increasingly more popular now. You can find so many Smartphone in the market today. Talking about Smartphone, you may think of Samsung or other big names. However, you have to know that there are many other Smartphone names that have good quality with more affordable prices. For example, you can consider Smartphone from Huawei. They have succeeded to launch many Smartphone. Now, 2 of their best products are P9 and P9 Plus. So, it is very interesting to discuss about Huawei P9 and P9 Plus review.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Design Review

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Design Review

Starts from the design, both of them belong to big Smartphone. It is because Huawei P9 and P9 Plus designs come with big screen. Huawei P9 is designed with 5.2 inch screen size whereas Huawei P9 has the bigger screen size that is 5.5 inches. That is why P9 Plus is also called as P9’s brother. They have similarities of design. One of them is that they come with dual rear-facing Leica cameras. With luxurious designs, both of them can be considered as high end Smartphone. So, it is hoped to be able to compete with other competitors of Smartphone.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Display Review

Still related to the design, these Huawei Smartphone come with good crafted metal as well as glass that become a trend for Smartphone design in 2016. So, the design will not disappoint you. Both P9 and P9 Plus are made from aluminum body fully. For the front, they apply glass layers which curve toward the Smartphone edge gently. So, besides elegant, these Smartphone from Huawei are also strong. With aluminum material, these Androids do not feel heavy to bring. So, they are very handy. That is why these Smartphone are good for any use.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Display Review

As it is mentioned before, P9 has 5.2 inch screen whereas P9 Plus offers 5.5 inch screen size. With Full HD display, both of them have high quality displays. Even though P9 Plus has the bigger screen, you should thank to P9 that comes with IPS panel that is useful for a super AMOLED. Even more, it also offers 3D touch tech as well as dubbed press touch feature. So, P9 has more sophisticated display even though the screen size is smaller than P9 Plus’s screen. read also Huawei Honor 5A Review

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Battery Review

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus review also discusses about the battery life. Huawei P9 is powered by a battery with 3,000 mAh whereas P9 Plus comes with the bigger battery power pack that is 3,400 mAh. With great battery, they can last longer compare to other big Androids available in the market today. For Huawei P9, it offers one and a half day battery life for stand-by use. With the bigger battery, P9 Plus also has the similar battery life because it has the bigger screen, too. However, you should thank to P9 Plus because it applies quick charging. With 10 minute charging, it can last up to 6 hour talk time use.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus USB Port Review

You need to know that both Huawei P9 and P9 plus USB ports come with the same type. The USB port type applied is USB-C ports. These USB-C ports can function for charging. To charge the battery, you can directly connect it to electricity. Besides that, you can also use other sources of energy such as power-bank, laptop, etc. The USB-C ports do not only function for charging but also for data transferring. It can be used to transfer data up to 129 GB.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Camera Review

Camera is one of the most important features to be paid attention. To compete with other Androids, both of them offer great quality cameras. They come with 12 MP of rear camera. The rear camera is featured with OIS as well as laser focus that add the image quality. As the main camera, 12 MP is good enough to capture images. Besides that, these Smartphone also offer front cameras with 8 MP setups. With the good front camera, it eases you to take pictures with great experiences.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Hardware Review

If you want to know the performances of both Androids, you need to pay attention to the hardware applied. Both of them come with Octa Core Kirin 955 processor from Huawei. This processor will be able to provide great performances. The processor speeds offered are also same. They come with 4 small cores that run at 1.8 GHz. Besides that, they also offer 4 big cores that can run at 2.5 GHz. Considering the Huawei P9 and P9 Plus review above, you can conclude that the performances of both Androids are undoubted.

For the RAM, P9 uses 3 GB RAM. This RAM is very great so that you can install many applications and games freely. This great RAM is useful to make the performance smoother even though you use it for more than one application at the same time. On the other hand, P9 Plus offers the greater RAM with 4 GB capacity. Of course, the performance will also be better. Still related to the memory, both Huawei P9 and P9 Plus memory applied has 64 GB capacity. Overall, the hardware applied is very satisfying because it belongs to high end hardware.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Software and OS Review

Both Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus use Android 6 Marshmallow. Of course, it makes these Androids able to run smoothly and sophisticatedly. With this software, they are operated by Emotion UI 4.1 skin. This operating system provides the great performance impact. Even more, it is not worse from other big names of operating systems for Smartphone. Anyway, it can be said that these Androids come with advanced software as well as operating system to satisfy the users.

Huawei P9 and P9 Verdict Review

After you know the specs above, you need to know how much money that you should spend to buy these Androids. Considering the specs, it is reasonable that P9 Plus is priced higher than P9. In fact, Huawei P9 is priced less than £ 500. On the other hand, Huawei P9 Plus is commonly priced more than £ 500. The price may be different from one shop to another. It can be caused by various factors including the area. Considering the specs offered above, those prices become reasonable. So, you will not be disappointed buying these Smartphone.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Dimension Review

These Androids are comfortable to be used because they have big screen sizes. However, you need to know the dimensions too. Huawei P9 comes with 145 mm x 70.9 mm x 6.95 mm whereas Huawei P9 Plus is designed in 152.3 mm x 75.3 mm x 6.98 mm. With different dimensions, they also have different weights. Huawei P9 weighs 144 grams whereas Huawei P9 Plus weighs 162 grams. Anyway, the weights are still portable so that you can bring these Androids easily. That is all about Huawei P9 and P9 Plus dimensions.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus Feature Review

There are also some sophisticated features applied on these Smartphone to support your uses. Both of them have the same features so that you can choose one of them freely. One of the most advanced features is fingerprint scanner that can function for lock system. Besides that, they also come with USB Type C that can be used for charging and data transferring. Then, infrared is also applied on both Androids to transfer data. Lastly, you can also enjoy stereo speakers on those two Androids.

The Differences of Huawei P9 and P9 Plus

There are some differences between Huawei P9 and P9 Plus. One of them is on the technology called Force Touch. This technology is similar to what Apple’s 3D touch offers. Of course, this technology shows sophisticated features. Unfortunately, not both Androids come with this feature. You can also only find this feature on Huawei P9 Plus. Anyway, you should thank to this sophisticated technology. In fact, this tech is now still improved.

Huawei P9 and P9 Plus review

Huawei P9 and P9 Other Offers Review

There are still some other offers from both Smartphone. For example, Huawei P9 Plus applies protection with Corning Gorilla Glass 4. This protection is very useful to keep the display good. You can also choose one of them based on the color. For example, you can find that Huawei P9 Plus has various color options. It will be a good idea for you to buy it with Haze Gold color. Besides, you can also consider Quartz Grey. Then, Ceramic White also becomes one of the options you can choose.

That is all about Huawei P9 and P9 review. Huawei P9 come with more affordable price and also offers very good specs. However, Huawei P9 Plus come with the premium specs including increased Selfie camera, press touch, speaker upgrade, larger battery, more RAM and storage, and bigger screen. Overall, the specs of P9 Plus are better so that it can be a good choice for you who are looking for a sophisticated Smartphone.

The Best Xiaomi Mi Max Review

In the modern era like today, smartphone is one of the most important devices that should be had by people. Most people need this gadget because it will offer the satisfaction feature that can facilitate people including information, entertainment, and so forth. Therefore, many products are available found including Xiaomi Mi Max. Based on the Xiaomi Mi Max review, this gadget has large screen that can satisfy the user to operate the gadget. Moreover, this gadget also has some specs that can comfort the people when they need something for their life.

The specs of Xiaomi Mi Max

The type of this gadget has been released at the previous month and most people it gets attentions for most people in the world due to its specs and feature. The screen, which is large and it is supported by great technology, which is powerful will make people comfortable to use the device. The high technology, which can be found at the feature, also makes people interested into this gadget very well. The high technology at this gadget can be seen at the hardware component and also the software that can comfort the user to operate the gadget. Therefore, it will be the best idea for people to look at the specs and feature through this review before purchasing the gadget for their life.

Review for Xiaomi Mi Max

Why should Xiaomi Mi Max review?

Getting the review for Xiaomi Mi Maxis important because people will know all information about this device. Looking at the specs and feature for any devices are important because it will lead you to know how to operate the device and the advantages for the device very well. Moreover, the review also not only tells about the over plus of the devices but it also will tell the weakness so that people can overcome the weakness when they have any device in their home. Besides, it also can offer the satisfaction information for people that can make them easier to use this device in their home.

The importance of the review is that it will make you to be a great buyer because you can suit the model and specs based on your information in review. Therefore, this one will make you a smart buyer because you can check the condition of the device very well. You do not worry about the device performance because you have checked the device. In other words, the review will teach you how to be a smart buyer during purchasing the gadget. It will look simple but it has great function for people to have many advantages when they purchase this Xiaomi Mi Max.

The specs of Xiaomi Mi Max

The specs of this gadget are impressive. You can start to look at the design of this design, which has interested screen. This gadget uses the user interface MIUI and it is adopting MIUI 8. With this design, people will not be bored when they operate this gadget for their life. Moreover, this one also offers some interesting theme suitable with your need. The feature that can be seen in this MIUI 8 is impressive that cannot be seen the previous system so that it will make people happier to operate the device. The most impressive one that can be found in this gadget is that it will be supported with IPS screen 6.44 inch. It will be amazing for smartphone with this technology.

Furthermore, you also will find that the review for Xiaomi Mi Max also inform about the operating system which has internal 32GB where the RAM 3GB and CPU snapdragon 650(Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex A-53 and Dual-core 1.8 GHz). With this impressive operating system, people can access the gadget faster. Moreover, you also can find other types in this gadget, which has 128GB and RAM 4GB which is supported CPU snapdragon 652 (Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53& Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex A72). This technology can make people happy to do their activity with this gadget in their hand.

Besides, this device is also supported with the memory external such as micro SD that can save up to 200GB and it uses GPU Adreno 510. Therefore, you can save everything you want in this gadget without any difficulties. The operating system, which is used in this gadget is android OS v6.0 or marshmallow. This operating system will offer something new for you so that you will have new experience to operate the device. The screen is interesting because it uses marshmallow as the latest technology in android. read also Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review and Specs

Furthermore, the Xiaomi Mi Max review shows that this gadget is designed larger than Lumia 1520. This gadget has incredibly length with 7.5mm. Moreover, the chassis of this gadget is made by aluminum alloy, which has weight over 200 gram. If you look at this gadget on the front side, you will have 6.44-inch 2.5D curved screen with to no bezel on the sides. Furthermore, the back side of this gadget is totally flat and it has minimal design element that can show the stylish appearance of the gadget. The screen of this gadget is pretty and it is very bright and sunlight legibility that can impress people to use the gadget.

The feature of Xiaomi Mi Max

Furthermore, you also should look at the camera of this gadget because it has 16-megapixle camera sensor with using technology of PDAF and wide f/2.0 aperture. This feature of camera will offer the satisfaction one for people because it will take a great picture at your smartphone without any difficulties. Moreover, you also will find that this camera has some features including shooting model including HDR, smile Detection, face detection, beauty face, panorama, and so forth that can make the picture quiet good. The color, which can be found in this camera, is also dynamic range to lack. You will find the level details in this camera such as reduced to a minimum and sharpening that can satisfy for people to use this gadget.

Besides, other features are available for this gadget such as the connectivity at the gadget. The review of Xiaomi Mi Max shows that this connectivity is a beast as well. This one has feature hybrid SIM card slot that can use for two SIM cards. Moreover, the connectivity that can be found in this gadget is also impressive because it offers 4G globally LTE network speeds. Besides, the reception of this gadget is great that can satisfy you very well. The Wi-Fi supported, which is installed in this gadget is 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. The model of this WiFi is great because it will have no problem for connecting modem.

Moreover, the Bluetooth version that can be found in this gadget is also great because it uses 4.2version and it is currently top of technology. Besides, it also connects faster and it will not influence to your battery life. The GPS and A-GPS in this gadget is also great that can offer the exact location without any difficulties. In other words, this gadget will offer great mapping service at your device. Therefore, if you are lost, you can use this feature to find the correct direction well.

The battery, which is used in this device is also great because it has 4850mAh lithium-ion battery so that it can stand longer after you charge the device fully. The Xiaomi Mi Max review also informs that this battery life can stand up to two days more without charging. It will depend on your usage and signal reception. This device has Qualcomm technology quick charging 3.0technology that can offer the satisfaction one during charging process because it will help to charge faster. With this one, this gadget only needs to charge battery less than 2 hours. It will be great.

The pros and cons for Xiaomi Mi Max

Although this gadget has impressive technology, this one also has pros and cons that should be known as the best way for people to think before purchasing. For the pros, you will see that this gadget has beautiful and thin device which is made by high quality material that can stand longer so that you do not worry when it falls from your hand. Moreover, the stylish design in this gadget also makes people love to have this gadget and to hold this device well.

Furthermore, the review of Xiaomi Mi Max also shows that this battery life is unbelievable that can stand longer to use. It means people do not need to charge the device about 2 days depend on their usage because the battery of his device has 4850mAh. Besides, the camera, which is had in this gadget is also fantastic because it has solid camera performance to use. The good chipset fitted inside and fingerprint scanner at this device also can offer something new in your hand where it will be supported by latest android version.

Xiaomi Mi Max review

Moreover, it also has cons where the device of this gadget is quiet big. In other words, if you have small hand, this gadget is not recommended for you because it can make you to fall this gadget down easily. Besides, no NFC and limited to 1080p for 30fps video recording also can make people disappointed because it has high quality for recording. It looks simple but it can influence the people to record any video well.


In brief, the Xiaomi Mi Max review will be important for people to know the information about this gadget. Moreover, this gadget also can be one of the biggest phones because it has impressive specs and feature that can facilitate people very well. The feature which is a lot of good where it has large battery will satisfy the user. Because of that, if you are still looking for a large device that can offer many ways, choosing this gadget will be the best idea because Xiaomi Mi Max has something that will not be disappointed for user.

Asus Zenfone Max Review for Your Best Android Preference

Asus Zenfone is one of the famous products from Asus that offer the satisfaction feature and specs for people. In this one, Asus produces many variation products that are loved by people. Recently, Asus produces the newest product, which is named Asus Zenfone Max. In this one, people will have the newest feature that can comfort people to use this android. To know about this android, it will be important for people to get the Asus Zenfone Max review because you will have full information about this android without any difficulty. The complete information about this android will facilitate you to use and know about the over plus and the weakness in this android.

The design Asus Zenfone Max

This android has been released since in the last 2015, which has impressive specs especially for the battery. It is only one of the advantages that can be found in this Zenfone Max. You will find many advantages that can be found in this Zenfone without any difficulties if you have this one at your hand to access. In 2015, Asus has released many products including Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe, Zenfone 2 Laser, Zenfone Selfie, and the last Zenfone Max. In other words, Asus has been the best destination for people who use android for their life because it has many products only a year.

Asus Zenfone Max review

The design Asus Zenfone Max

Since Zenfone Max is the latest product form Asus in 2015, it will have new design which is more modern and stylish. This android is different with the previous generation like in the Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe which has 5.5 inch with HD 1080p. In this Zenfone, you only have HD 760p. In other words, the screen design of this ZenFone is below of Zenfone 2 Deluxe but the Zenfone Max has been designed to have more power above Zenfone 2 deluxe. This Zenfone Max also has gorilla glass 4 that can protect the android screen from any scratches and it also can protect your screen from any cracks very well.

Furthermore, the review of Asus Zenfone Max is important because this one will inform more about the design of this android. This one has back cover which is soft that can comfort your hand very well. The material, which is used in this android is also great because it has leather which is soft at the hand. Moreover, this Zenfone is designed bigger and it also more weight because it has amazing battery that need more space at the phone. The design of this Zenfone will comfort you very much because it is wider at your hand.

The specs of Asus Zenfone Max

The Zenfone Max is one of the best phones from Asus that can satisfy people to operate this one very well. The size of this Android is 5.5 inch which has resolution HD 720 x 1280 pixel. If we compare at the previous Zenfone like Zenfone 2, this one is not better than the previous Zenfone because Zenfone 2 Deluxe has 1080p so that the screen of the previous one is better. Moreover, you do not worry with this quality because it has IPS capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors that can satisfy you to operate the android very well.

Furthermore, the Asus Zenfone Max review also shows that the body of this Zenfone has dimension 156 x 77.5 x 10.6mm and it has weight 202g. With those dimension this Zenfone has more weight than other Zenfone especially for the previous one. This weight is heavier because it has impressive battery, which has capacity up to 5.000 mAh. With the greatest battery, this Zenfone can stand very longer in their hand. The battery, which is used in this android is Li-Po will offer more power for android that can give all component energy for hardware and software which is used in this android.

Moreover, this Zenfone will use the newest Asus ZenU launcher that will adapt with android lollipop. If you look at this launcher, you will find many features at the Asus ZenUI storage. The most fascinated one that can be found in this launcher is the icon type and theme choices. Therefore, you will not be bored when operate this Zenfone for your life. Furthermore, you can look for information about the specs of this phone, which has amazing RAM upto 2GB. This RAM type is supported with Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 410. This spec is amazing because people can do multitask without any troubles.

In addition, the processor, which is used in this Zenfone is also impressive because it uses Quad Core 1.2GHz which has technology up to 64-Bit. With this technology, people will be comfortable during access the android without any difficulties. Moreover, the Asus Zenfone Max review also inform that the graphic of this Zenfone is impressive which uses 3D sector and it is supported with GPU Andreno 306 that can operate the newest 3D game without any trouble. Therefore, people who love to play the newest game will be the best idea to choose this Zenfone for their life.

The feature of Asus Zenfone Max

Since the specs of this ZenFone is fantastic, you also will find that this phone feature is also great that can comfort you to operate the phone. You can look at the connectivity where this android is completed with the 4G technology LTE that can access internet up to 150mbps and can upload 50 mbps. This one can comfort you to access internet. If you have no 4G range, you can use 3G or HSPA to access internet. Because of that, you do not worry about the connectivity with this android.

Furthermore, the review of Asus Zenfone Max also informs that this Zenfone has high quality at the camera. The camera, which is used in this android has 13 mp that is completed with technology of lacer autofocus that will create a great picture. Moreover, it also can make a video which full HD quality up to 1080p. The combination at the photography features makes this Zenfone Max has high quality smartphone because this camera is better than Zenfone 2 Deluxe. The ability of this Zenfone is better especially when you use low light because this camera has Asus Pixel Master Technology which is combined with dual tone LED Flash.

However, you also can find other features in this android including micro USB v2.0, USB on the go features that can comfort people to connect into other devices. The sensor including accelerometer, proximity, and compass are available in this android that can facilitate people to maximal the android usage for their life. Besides, 5GB free lifetime ASUS WebStorage, MP3/WAV/eAAC+player, document viewer, photo/video editor, and power bank function battery are installed in this android that can satisfy people to do their activities in their life.

The Pros for Asus Zenfone Max

Like other android, the review of Asus Zenfone Max also has pros and cons that should be noticed by people before purchasing this device. The pros that can be found in this device are that it has great battery that can stand longer because it has 5000mAh. Commonly, smartphone only has battery 2000 to 3000 mAh. It means that Zenfone Max is better in the Battery. Moreover, this device also can produce screen on time up to 13 hours. Furthermore, since the battery power is impressive, this device also can be used as powerbank to give other gadget power. With this role, you will have satisfaction gadget that can facilitate your life very well.

Moreover, the device, which is using newest ZenUI can make people getting satisfaction to operate the gadget. You will find the newest ZeUI has more feature that can make people interest to use this Zenfone. The feature including icon, feature motion and gesture, and easy mode and kids mode will satisfy people to operate the device. The camera, which has autofocus lacer also can offer the satisfaction for people who love to take many pictures around. The autofocus will offer easy to focus so that the object will be better at the result.

The cons for Asus Zenfone Max

Moreover, although it has great pros, you also will have cons for this gadget because it needs more time to fill the battery power. Since this device has great capacity for the battery, this one will need more time to charge. The fast charging feature cannot be found in this gadget that will make people dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the review of Asus Zenfone Max also shows that the CPU entry-level of this device is lower than Zenfone 2 and Zenfone Selfie. The processor which is used for this Device is old enough for modern gadget.

The specs of Asus Zenfone Max

Furthermore, you also can put the battery of this device out because it uses battery plant in the device. The screen resolution which is only 720p also can make people getting dissatisfaction especially people who have used screen resolution higher than 720p. Moreover, the weight of this device which is heavier also can make people to think about this one before purchasing. The cons of this device also will influence the price of the Zenfone very well so that you can give your opinion about the price.

In brief, the Asus Zenfone Max review will be important for people to know about this device very well. Asus Zenfone Max is also good for people who have more time and they do not want to charge their smartphone. You can use this smartphone for about two days if you charge the device fully. Moreover, the gamers are also available to choose the gadget because it has great power battery. However, you also should realize that this device only has standard CPU quad-core entry-level. Therefore, you do not worry about this device because it also has impressive feature that can comfort you to fill your space time in your life.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review and Specs

Do you want to buy a new smartphone? Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 can be the right gadget that you can buy. This smart phone is known as a targeted phone which is equipped with the flagship grade specifications, iconic MIUI launcher and the premium metal build. This is the third generation of the smart phone from Xiaomi. Actually, this phone almost has the similarities to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2. However, there are some upgrade specs and features which are improved in this third generation Xiaomi smartphone. One of the upgrade is the security system which is designed with finger print. In this chance I would like to deliver Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review

If you have ever used the Xiaomi Redmi note 2, you will find the similarities features and specs but you will have the more outstanding and advanced technology since there are several specs which have been upgraded by the manufacturer. You will have biometric security, a metal shell, new dual-LED flash, and a bigger battery. Besides that, this phone is also support to be installed with a variety of application in your smart phone.

Review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Overview of Hardware

In this Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review, I would like to deliver the hardware overview. While unboxing this smartphone, you are going to find a compact box from paper. You find the phone itself, paper work, and the USB cable in the box. The package does not include headphone in the box so that you need to buy it for yourself. The design of this Xiaomi phone is greater than Redmi Note 2. Even though the screen is same, 5.5“ 1080p, the Redmi Note 3 has the shorter body than the previous one. Its dimension is 150 x 75 x 8.7mm, Redmi Note 3 also have the 4 g bulkier than the Redmi note 2.

From the design and quality, Redmi Note 3 uses the aluminum to cover itself. The upgrades of the devices are also visible. You are going to have the finger print scanner as your security system and dual-LED flash. This smart phone boost its appearance with the shiny metal which is covered all of its body. Like the other products from Xiaomi, the front of the smart phone is covered with black glass. Besides that, the sensor of finger print is located below the primary camera and it will make you easy to lock or unlock your phone.

Besides that, there are also two plastic bands which are placed in the back’s bottom and top. The use of the bands actually is to cover the antenna of the phone and they are made from plastic. The manufacturer tends to use plastic instead of metal because the metal is known as the signal obstruction. When it comes to good handling, this phone owns it. However, sometimes you will get more slippery since the casing is made from metal. The metal does not become problem at all as it can enhance the aesthetic of the phone.


The Redmi Note 3 is equipped with a 5.5 inch Full HD IPS, like on the previous model, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 that owns 401ppi for the clear and sharp imagery. However, you have no information about the glass which covers the display. When it comes to the display, this type of smartphone actually does not have the significant differences from the previous phone. You can check the maximum brightness; both of the phones have the similar maximum brightness.

As we mentioned above, this cell phone screen has a diagonal of 5.5 inches exactly the same as the previous generation such as: Redmi Note 3G, 4G or Redmi Note 2 series. The large landscape screen feels quite satisfying for me personally; moreover it has been on offer along with IPS LCD panel with a resolution of Full HD 1080 x 1920 pixels with a density of ~ 403 ppi. Meanwhile, as we said at the beginning, this phone also comes with a protective layer which is named with Scratch-resistant glass.

Unfortunately, when it is used outdoors or under sunlight directly, it still feels less obvious, but when trying to use the full brightness overall is still clear. Moreover, in this sector Xiaomi manufacturer also provides features such as read mode and the display colors and contras started by Warm, Standard, until Cool. Interestingly, the wide screen of this phone also makes this phone has touch points to 10 so all existing games can run with responsiveness.

Operating System

After finding out the overview of the screen, in this Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review, let’s come to the part of the operating system, which is different from the previous series. For this smartphone, we easily found an original operating system MIUI 7 because when we connect to the Wi-Fi network, this phone is automatically updated to the latest version of MIUI directly. Meanwhile, the base operating system of this smart phone is Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. It means that you do not need to worry to re-flash the phone if needed.

Benchmark Antutu

Featuring with great specifications which are pretty sufficient and classy, this smart phone is able to achieve benchmark scores up to 47 970 points. From these tests, it turned out when compared with a score of Xiaomi Note 2 Prime Redmi not significantly different because of the review that was done some time ago, the phone is able to achieve a benchmark Antutu score of 46.358. unfortunately, when compared with the Xiaomi Mi 4c that carries the Snapdragon chipset 808, the results are still far as Xiaomi Mi 4c is able to achieve a score of 49 423.


While unboxing Redmi Xiaomi Note 3 and we haven’t yet filled the content with anything, a phone that has 32 GB internal capacity, leaving at least 25.57 GB of total system which is provided after used of about 27.73 GB. The capacity makes the users very satisfied because it can store a wide variety of photo and movie preferences and can accommodate a wide range of high class games, such as: Asphalt 8 game, Mortal Combat, and others. In addition, the phone also provides 3GB Ram and also USB OTG port that can make your friend to transfer the files from flash to this smartphone directly without the needing of a PC or Laptop.

Battery Life

Surely in this Review of Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 on the sector of battery, there are also many people who want to know how the quality. Using the phone in full day feels very satisfied because you only need one charging, whether it’s used with a Wi-Fi network or also with LTE 4G networks. It provides a capacity of 4,000 mAh Li-Po type Non Removable certainly be the reason why this phone is quite satisfactory. Unfortunately, despite being accompanied by features of Fast Charging and power charger head 2 Ampere, you need the time about 2 hours to charge the battery from zero up to full capacity of the battery.


After using this for a few days of use, with the dual card feature which possessed them use this phone in the terms of sms, or phone is easy because you do not need to carry two phones at a time when traveling. Interestingly, of dual card which in included in this phone. Both of them support the 4G LTE network access. Besides the 4G network, this phone also supports 3G HSPA network. Unfortunately using the internet with 4G LTE network provider makes the phone feel fast body heat especially added by its casing which is made from metal.


when satisfied try different access of internet connection that is owned by this phone, we also immediately try to use some other enhancements of connectivity features, ranging from Wi-Fi that supports dual band and also several connectivity features such as GPS, which according to the personal use fairly quickly lock position in a matter of seconds. In addition, as Redmi Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and 4c, the handset is also equipped with infrared at the top, and also USB port v2.0 as media for transferring data and charging battery.


Redmi Xiaomi Note 3 belongs to an android phone that was released with the main camera lens is 13 MP which it also has several features and one of them is aperture of F / 2.2 that the feature is able to increase the quality of the images at night. In addition, in the right at the bottom of the lens there is also Dual LED Flash tone that is capable of emitting yellowish color that makes the picture brighter. There is also a phase of detection autofocus which is capable to accelerate decision divulging the focal point of the object.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3


To conclude this Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review, this smartphone has both advantages and disadvantages. However, this phone is worth to buy. Even though some of people said that the price of this phone is relatively expensive for its class, there are several high class features which can be the reason why you can buy this smartphone. Hopefully, this review will help you to give the short information about Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, especially for those who want to buy this smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review is needed for those who want to buy this smartphone there are several explanation about the specs. Read also Huawei Honor 5A Review


Huawei Honor 5A Review and Details

Huawei have already proved that they deserved to be vendors which occupied the third position as the largest mobile phone vendor to release an Android smart phone with the great specs and a cheap price, and the phone is Huawei Honor 5A. This smartphone officially introduced at an event which was held in China. Huawei plans to sell prime the device for targeting the teenagers in the China market. This smartphone is built from the great materials and deliver the great specifications. Even though the price is categorized as low price, this phone can give you great performance. Here is Huawei Honor 5A Review.

Huawei Honor 5A

Design and Colors

The first specs that I want to deliver in this Huawei Honor 5A Review are design and the colors. The design is still using polycarbonate material where such materials are often used by most Android smartphone. However, it does not mean that the design does not make a lot of people amazed, because this type of smart phone just has the thickness 8.5 mm with weight 168 grams. The dimension is so friendly to be operated by using one hand. This Android smart phone is available in 6 colors and they are white, yellow, pink, black, gold and azure. By a variety of different colors, it means that this smart phone will indeed be earmarked for teenagers who choose HP Android based on both the appearance and the performance.

Huawei Honor 5A Review


After presenting the design and colors of the Huawei Honor 5A, let’s move to the display. The screen uses the technology of panel IPS LCD that has a screen size of 5.5 Inches. The resolution is certainly not as great as Android smartphone from Xiaomi which is priced more than 2 million that still carries the HD resolution. The screen of Huawei Honor 5A is also protected by a Scratch Resistant and has other specs such Soda-Lime Glass, which has a contrast ratio up to 1000: 1 and has a rare view of up to 178 degrees. This is why that makes Huawei Honor 5A, deserves to be considered if you want to buy a new smartphone.

Operating System

After discussing about display of this smart phone, it is time to find out the operating system which is planted in this smartphone. The operating system uses Android Marshmallow with EMUI 4.1 interface. Meanwhile for the processor, there are two versions of the Huawei Honor 5A, the first version put on the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 and second version use Kirin wear HI silicon 620. Both of the versions are equally equipped with an internal memory of 16 GB, 2 GB RAM and a microSD slot up to 256 GB. By its processor, you will have the great and fast performance when you are using this smartphone.

Sim Cards

Unlike the other Android smartphones, Dual SIM for Huawei Honor 5A provides a microSD slot with the type of Dedicated Slot so that all of the users are able to use Dual SIM card slot without reducing the features of this Microsoft- Android smartphone. By the existence of the dual Sim card, it will make you effective because you do not need to bring two gadgets as you can put all of your Sim card in one device.


After having explanation of the dual Sim, let’s move to the camera. The ability of the camera can promise the best camera outcome in its class. The back camera has a resolution of 13 MP which has the ability to aperture f / 2.0, 28 mm, Autofocus and LED Flash. Interestingly at the camera behind him, he is capable of recording Full HD video resolution. For those of you who like Selfie, Honor 5A can be a very appropriate choice in addition to the cheap price of Huawei Honor 5A smartphone is also equipped with a Selfie camera with resolution 8 MP which has the capability for video recording in Full HD resolution.

Connectivity and Battery

Besides the camera, connectivity also becomes one of the considerations if you want to buy a smartphone. In the connectivity, this smartphone has a variety of fittings to share data and are also connected to the Internet network. There are WiFi, USB, GPS, Bluetooth and 4G LTE network support. Although Huawei Honor 5A has a cheap price, This Huawei Smartphone still equips itself with a large battery capacity reaches 3100 mAh. The capacity of the battery is also claimed to last for 33 hours for 3G network active period.

The other positive sides of Huawei Honor 5A can be ascertained on the front camera, large screen, a beautiful design with a wide range of attractive colors, large-capacity battery, gaming and multitasking performance satisfactory and the price of Huawei Honor 5A is cheap. On the other hand, the withdrawal of this smart phone is the battery which has not yet supported the technology of fast charging. Besides that, there is no fingerprint censor for the security system. Since the price is cheap, the phone is relatively worth to be bought.

First Price while launched

After presenting almost all spec of the Huawei Honor 5A, let’s talk about the first price of this smartphone in this Huawei Honor 5A Review. Huawei officially announced Smartphone 5A Honor on June 13, 2016. And in the even where this smartphone was introduced in first time, Huawei Honor 5A has the range of the price around less than US$ 150. This smartphone is considered so cheap, if you see the features and the performance which are embedded in this smartphone.

Specs of Huawei Honor 5A Based On GFX Banch

Recently, the latest smartphone from Huawei, named Huawei Honor 5a as the name has been certified by TENAA about its existence. And now mentioned will be the highest version of the series that carries the name Huawei Honor 5a Plus, it can be looked in document in the page of GFXBench. Reporting from the page of GSMArena cellular online magazine, the highest variance of Honor 5a is reinforced with a chipset from Qualcomm series, Snapdragon 615 SoC, which has eight core processors in it.

The capability of clock speed which is owned by this smartphone is also fairly decent because it already reached 1.5 GHz. Meanwhile on the use RAM, the capacity of the RAM is 2GB. By viewed from both of the core suspensions, it can be predicted. Even though this phone is in the middle class the performance of this smartphone is fairly decent and above the average in its class. Possible multitasking and activities can run smoothly on the screen. Gaming is also quite enjoyable because of the Adreno 405 graphics processor.

In the storage section, you will be provided a decent large internal space with a capacity of 16 GB and it can be expensed by using microSD, but the maximum limit has not yet been recognized. It is because the absence of documents that can be looked above.

Then, in order to maximize the existing performance, Huawei use the Android operating system, (Marshmallow) v6.0, as the basis to run all of the activities that exist, as well as providing a display interface which is much more interesting than the previous version. Moreover, it is combined with EMUI UI


Then, let’s look further about the photographic capabilities which are owned by this smartphone, Huawei Honor 5a plus are considered to have enough capable weapons, because on the main lens, there is a 13 Megapixel camera, winch’s its size is more than enough to produce best quality photo in its class. Then in the front camera, the Selfie lovers will be spoiled with an 8 Megapixel camera lens, which obviously can produce a clear image quality in a variety of conditions, so that the possibility of losing the beautiful moments is fewer.

Despite appearing in the highest class, 5.5 inch screen panel which is brought is only able to display images in a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. It makes the display so standard. Then, to shore up the power of the power requirements o, Huawei Honor 5a plus also implant the battery with 3000 mAh, which is known with the durability. You can also get the other advanced features of this gadget.

Huawei Honor 5A Review and Details


To sum up the Huawei Honor 5A Review, Smartphone Huawei Honor 5A offers the spacious 5.5-inch screen with the support of IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen panel that has a color depth of up to 16 million colors with the quality of the screen that looks like the original. Huawei Honor 5A screen resolution itself has quality HD 720 x 1280 pixels with a density of up to 267 ppi per inch so that the screen quality was clear. In addition, the screen Huawei Honor 5A also supported with the ability of multitouch responsive and also features a Scratch Resistant (Tempered Glass) that makes the screen safe from scratches. It is worth to buy this smartphone as the price is so cheap but the performance powerful.

Huawei Honor 5A review can be conducted by reviewing all of the specs. There are specs and the first price in this article.

Meizu M3 Note Review to Get an Insight about How Good It is for Us

Are you looking for Smartphone? Well, there is a bunch of them to choose in the market. It won’t hurt to even look for the ones that have just been released too. However, you still need to be careful when choosing such phone. Even if it is new release, it does not guarantee that it is good to choose. So, have you heard about Meizu M3 Note nowadays? It was just launched in April this year, but you need to learn further in this Meizu M3 Note review. Even new-released phones can carry some hidden flaws that can only be known once you have given it some test to find out its reliability.

How the Design Looks Like

Speaking about the design, there seems to be many people who like how it was built. From simply its look, it is clean and pretty. Coming with white color on it, this Smartphone sure catches people’s attention on their first sight of it. How about the body then? Well, it is not some phones out there with the slimmest body possible. To be honest, this Smartphone body design is a bit bulky. It weighs for 163 grams with its thickness at 8.2mm. It is just slightly bulky, so it is not that big in its body.

Indeed, the handset of this Smartphone looks somewhat plump. Even so, it is not plump in embarrassing way. That is why you can still see it as good-looking phone. It is not only that. This phone is also designed to have its front covered in glass that is sleek to touch and to look at. What can you ask more from Meizu M3 Note Smartphone then? When it comes to design, this phone sure is very much worth to take into account. Anyone would want to get good-looking phones after all.

Is that all? Well, of course, it is not. You will need to know that it is indeed a sturdy metal phone. Not to mention, it is the one designed with aluminum in its back too. So, there is no need to worry about the durability of this phone. It knows well that phones must be made at least sturdy enough to withstand any damaging factor. This way, phones can last longer than you think. Of course, it would be something you would like to get, right? If so, you might as well keep this in mind as consideration.

How the Display of the Phone Is

Since it is a Smartphone we are talking about here, we should not leave out the discussion about its display. This phone is the one with 5.5-inch screen size. It is wide enough screen to get good view of the phone’s display. To tell you the truth, this Smartphone here offers up to 1080 pixels of resolution from its IPS LCD display. It is great resolution that guarantees the nice, vivid view from the phone. It really is that of decent quality, you see. So, you can hope to get satisfying view you want from it.

Although it does seem promising in its display, there are some shortcomings from Meizu M3 Note Display too. When you are outside on sunny days, the panel of the display will come off. It will turn as a tad on dimmer side. Simply put, outdoor visibility is not as good as you can hope from it. People don’t always use phones inside building that is not as bright as the sunlight. They need it too when they use it outside under bright sunlight. So, getting this shortcoming can be a bit disappointing.

Indeed, the gamma and color balance are good enough. Even so, you might notice slightly purple tinge on it. For some people, this seems to have been pretty distracting. So, it is part of the shortcomings from this Smartphone here. Anyone would want clear view with perfect color on phone display after all. If it is this way, you might only be able to use it indoor. When it comes to indoor use, this phone is still good to choose. You can consider this aspect too.

How the Performance of the Phone Is

Performance is something you shouldn’t ignore when discussing about certain product. It applies the same in this Smartphone here. Without having good power source, you can’t hope for it to run well for you. How about this Smartphone then? Well, we will make it clear in this Meizu M3 Note review. This phone is powered by P10 processor. To be exact, it is a 64-bit chip that works with an octa-core ARM cortex-A53 CPU.

It also works with ARM Mali-T860 GPU. This processor promotes fluid, quick, and responsive performance. However, to tell you the truth, it is designed more for efficiency in mind. Even if its performance is fluid, quick, and responsive, there is still a bit downside about it. Yes, let us be clear here that this phone has processor that is not meant for intense gaming. It might be able to run well if it is light games that you play in it.

However, Smartphone nowadays is meant more to play rather intense games. Playing games with great graphics quality is out of question in this Meizu M3 Note Phone. They will only drag and stutter. Of course, playing games would not be as fun as it is supposed to be if it is like this. If you don’t care that much about playing games in it, this Smartphone can still run well for other things, like calling, sending messages, or anything else.

How the Work of Its Camera Is

Other thing for sure that people would want to make sure from the phone they want to buy is about its camera. Most people like capturing photos after all. That is why they would wish to get the best camera possible in the phone they are going to buy. How does it go in this Smartphone then? Well, actually this phone offers nice features when it comes to its camera. Its main camera is 13MP and featured with phase detection auto focus.

It is not only that. It is featured with two-tone flash as well. Meanwhile, its front camera is 5MP. Well, the app of Meizu M3 Note cameras does act fast. You can quickly open, focus, and snap photos. Filters and shooting modes are all there to deal with various occasions. If we speak these only, you can be sure that the cameras in this phone are actually pretty nice. However, you have to learn deeper to find out more things about them. Flaws are not seen in straightforward way after all.

The cameras in this phone might seem promising, but there are some flaws you need to know about them. When tapping in order to focus the camera, you might experience unexpected quitting. It is not only that. Sometimes, people experience unreliable images in automatic mode, unnatural glow on white color, murky details, and even bland colors. Well, as long as you take photos in good light, you can still make clean-looking shots. So, it is not like the cameras are useless for you, you see.

How Long the Battery Can Last

Speaking about Meizu M3 Note review, we will also include discussion about its battery life here. How would we feel satisfied of it if it can’t even last for few hours? People need hand phone because it can be used whenever and wherever we want. Actually, we do need it to last long outside the house and away from the outlet. You don’t have to worry about that though. This Smartphone here has been equipped with good battery. Of course, you will have to know what kind of battery it is.

The battery used in this phone is large 4100mAh. Considering its processor earlier that works in efficient way, it is understandable that this phone can last up to 11 hours and 6 minutes even in constant on-screen use. It does take its time to charge itself to the fullest though. Let us be clear here. This Smartphone needs 2 hours and 27 minutes for a full charge from zero. It is understandable given to its long life. Although it seems long to charge, it can last longer than you think it would be.


From this Meizu M3 Note review, we can say that this Smartphone has pros and cons you need to greatly consider before even buying it. Among the pros, this phone is nice in its design, efficient in its performance, and long in its battery life. However, you need to know that it has some crucial cons too. Among them, it has minus outdoor visibility, inconsistent cameras, and low gaming experience. Well, you can’t expect more from it. This phone is currently tagged with affordable price. Given this reason, the features in this Smartphone might have been understandable to be in that length only.

Meizu M3 Note review gives us quite an insight about what could be the pros and cons about this new-released Smartphone. It is affordable, but it has some flaws to keep in mind too.