Meizu M3 Note Review to Get an Insight about How Good It is for Us

Are you looking for Smartphone? Well, there is a bunch of them to choose in the market. It won’t hurt to even look for the ones that have just been released too. However, you still need to be careful when choosing such phone. Even if it is new release, it does not guarantee that it is good to choose. So, have you heard about Meizu M3 Note nowadays? It was just launched in April this year, but you need to learn further in this Meizu M3 Note review. Even new-released phones can carry some hidden flaws that can only be known once you have given it some test to find out its reliability.

How the Design Looks Like

Speaking about the design, there seems to be many people who like how it was built. From simply its look, it is clean and pretty. Coming with white color on it, this Smartphone sure catches people’s attention on their first sight of it. How about the body then? Well, it is not some phones out there with the slimmest body possible. To be honest, this Smartphone body design is a bit bulky. It weighs for 163 grams with its thickness at 8.2mm. It is just slightly bulky, so it is not that big in its body.

Indeed, the handset of this Smartphone looks somewhat plump. Even so, it is not plump in embarrassing way. That is why you can still see it as good-looking phone. It is not only that. This phone is also designed to have its front covered in glass that is sleek to touch and to look at. What can you ask more from Meizu M3 Note Smartphone then? When it comes to design, this phone sure is very much worth to take into account. Anyone would want to get good-looking phones after all.

Is that all? Well, of course, it is not. You will need to know that it is indeed a sturdy metal phone. Not to mention, it is the one designed with aluminum in its back too. So, there is no need to worry about the durability of this phone. It knows well that phones must be made at least sturdy enough to withstand any damaging factor. This way, phones can last longer than you think. Of course, it would be something you would like to get, right? If so, you might as well keep this in mind as consideration.

How the Display of the Phone Is

Since it is a Smartphone we are talking about here, we should not leave out the discussion about its display. This phone is the one with 5.5-inch screen size. It is wide enough screen to get good view of the phone’s display. To tell you the truth, this Smartphone here offers up to 1080 pixels of resolution from its IPS LCD display. It is great resolution that guarantees the nice, vivid view from the phone. It really is that of decent quality, you see. So, you can hope to get satisfying view you want from it.

Although it does seem promising in its display, there are some shortcomings from Meizu M3 Note Display too. When you are outside on sunny days, the panel of the display will come off. It will turn as a tad on dimmer side. Simply put, outdoor visibility is not as good as you can hope from it. People don’t always use phones inside building that is not as bright as the sunlight. They need it too when they use it outside under bright sunlight. So, getting this shortcoming can be a bit disappointing.

Indeed, the gamma and color balance are good enough. Even so, you might notice slightly purple tinge on it. For some people, this seems to have been pretty distracting. So, it is part of the shortcomings from this Smartphone here. Anyone would want clear view with perfect color on phone display after all. If it is this way, you might only be able to use it indoor. When it comes to indoor use, this phone is still good to choose. You can consider this aspect too.

How the Performance of the Phone Is

Performance is something you shouldn’t ignore when discussing about certain product. It applies the same in this Smartphone here. Without having good power source, you can’t hope for it to run well for you. How about this Smartphone then? Well, we will make it clear in this Meizu M3 Note review. This phone is powered by P10 processor. To be exact, it is a 64-bit chip that works with an octa-core ARM cortex-A53 CPU.

It also works with ARM Mali-T860 GPU. This processor promotes fluid, quick, and responsive performance. However, to tell you the truth, it is designed more for efficiency in mind. Even if its performance is fluid, quick, and responsive, there is still a bit downside about it. Yes, let us be clear here that this phone has processor that is not meant for intense gaming. It might be able to run well if it is light games that you play in it.

However, Smartphone nowadays is meant more to play rather intense games. Playing games with great graphics quality is out of question in this Meizu M3 Note Phone. They will only drag and stutter. Of course, playing games would not be as fun as it is supposed to be if it is like this. If you don’t care that much about playing games in it, this Smartphone can still run well for other things, like calling, sending messages, or anything else.

How the Work of Its Camera Is

Other thing for sure that people would want to make sure from the phone they want to buy is about its camera. Most people like capturing photos after all. That is why they would wish to get the best camera possible in the phone they are going to buy. How does it go in this Smartphone then? Well, actually this phone offers nice features when it comes to its camera. Its main camera is 13MP and featured with phase detection auto focus.

It is not only that. It is featured with two-tone flash as well. Meanwhile, its front camera is 5MP. Well, the app of Meizu M3 Note cameras does act fast. You can quickly open, focus, and snap photos. Filters and shooting modes are all there to deal with various occasions. If we speak these only, you can be sure that the cameras in this phone are actually pretty nice. However, you have to learn deeper to find out more things about them. Flaws are not seen in straightforward way after all.

The cameras in this phone might seem promising, but there are some flaws you need to know about them. When tapping in order to focus the camera, you might experience unexpected quitting. It is not only that. Sometimes, people experience unreliable images in automatic mode, unnatural glow on white color, murky details, and even bland colors. Well, as long as you take photos in good light, you can still make clean-looking shots. So, it is not like the cameras are useless for you, you see.

How Long the Battery Can Last

Speaking about Meizu M3 Note review, we will also include discussion about its battery life here. How would we feel satisfied of it if it can’t even last for few hours? People need hand phone because it can be used whenever and wherever we want. Actually, we do need it to last long outside the house and away from the outlet. You don’t have to worry about that though. This Smartphone here has been equipped with good battery. Of course, you will have to know what kind of battery it is.

The battery used in this phone is large 4100mAh. Considering its processor earlier that works in efficient way, it is understandable that this phone can last up to 11 hours and 6 minutes even in constant on-screen use. It does take its time to charge itself to the fullest though. Let us be clear here. This Smartphone needs 2 hours and 27 minutes for a full charge from zero. It is understandable given to its long life. Although it seems long to charge, it can last longer than you think it would be.


From this Meizu M3 Note review, we can say that this Smartphone has pros and cons you need to greatly consider before even buying it. Among the pros, this phone is nice in its design, efficient in its performance, and long in its battery life. However, you need to know that it has some crucial cons too. Among them, it has minus outdoor visibility, inconsistent cameras, and low gaming experience. Well, you can’t expect more from it. This phone is currently tagged with affordable price. Given this reason, the features in this Smartphone might have been understandable to be in that length only.

Meizu M3 Note review gives us quite an insight about what could be the pros and cons about this new-released Smartphone. It is affordable, but it has some flaws to keep in mind too.


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