LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7: 2 Best Android Smartphone

Today, Smartphone becomes the most favorite mobile phones in the world. It is because Smartphone offers the most sophisticated technologies. That is why almost everyone has Smartphone. There are many options of Smartphone available in the market today. If you are looking for the best options, you can compare LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7. Those 2 Smartphone can be considered as the best Smartphone today. So, which is better and more appropriate for you? It will be better for you to know the review of those 2 Android phones below.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Design

You can compare between LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 from its design. Both of them are operated by Android (6.0) System but Samsung Galaxy S7 is also operated by TouchWiz UI. Seen from the dimensions, Samsung Galaxy S7 has the slimmer design so that it is lighter in weight. For the materials, LG G5 uses metal main body whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 uses glass main body and aluminum accents. So, LG G5 is stronger but has the heavier weight.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Spesification

Still related to the design, both of them applies touch fingerprint feature. It functions to lock your Smartphone safely. Samsung Galaxy S7 has the better rugged design. It is because this Smartphone is dust as well as water resistant so that it is easier to clean and more durable because water will not damage this Android phone. Besides that, both of them come with certified IP 68. For the color, LG G5 offers gold, pink gray and black color options whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 offers gold, white, gray, and black color options.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Display

Because LG G5 has the wider screen, it also has the wider display. LG G5 has 5.3 inch display whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 has 2 inch smaller display. However, the resolutions offered are same. Meanwhile, LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 shows that Samsung Galaxy S7 has the greater pixel density with 576 PPI whereas LG G5 only offers 554 PPI. For the display tech, S7 comes with Super AMOLED tech whereas GL G5 comes with IPS LCD tech. There are also some display features offered such as scratch resistant glass, light sensor, and proximity sensor for S7 whereas GL G5 only features light sensor and proximity sensor.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Display Camera

Camera is one of them most interesting features to be compared. In this case, LG G7 comes with the better camera with 16 MP. It also offers duo camera. On the other hand, S7 only applies 12 MP of camera. For the autofocus camera, LG G5 uses laser autofocus whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 offers phase detection autofocus. Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 also have different camera shooting modes. LG G5 offers panorama, HDR, and burst mode whereas S7 offers effects, scenes, panorama, and HDR shooting modes.

LG G5 is still better for the camera. It can be seen from the camcorder that has the greater quality display. Even though S7 has the more options, LG G5 has the better HD display. Even more, you can also compare the front facing camera where LG G5 applies 8 MP whereas S7 only has 5 MP front facing camera. However, S7 is featured with HDR mode for the front facing camera whereas LG G5 does not have it. Overall, the camera of LG G5 is still more satisfying compared to what S7 offers.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Hardware

If you want to know the performance, you need to compare the hardware applied. Starts from the system chip, LG G5 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 8976 whereas S7 comes with Samsung Exynos 8 8890. For the processor, LG G5 is powered by Quad Core with 2200 MHz speed whereas S7 is powered by Octa Core with 2300 MHz speed. The graphic processor offered is Adreno 530 for LG G5 and ARM Mail T880 MP12 for S7. Both come with 32 GB built in memory that can be expanded up to 2000 GB for LG G5 and 200 GB for Galaxy S7.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Battery Life

It is also very interesting to compare the battery life. Samsung Galaxy S7 has the bigger battery capacity with 3000 mAh whereas LG G5 only has 2800 mAh. However, LG G5 battery is replaceable. On the other hand, S7 battery offers optional wireless charging. For talk time battery life, LG G5 battery can last up to 20 hours whereas in stand-by time it can last up to almost 16 days or 380 hours. Of course, it is very great.

However, deciding the better battery from LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 is not easy because S7 also offers great battery life. It can be seen from talk time (3G) battery life that can last up to 22 hours. For internet use, it can last up to 11 hours for 3G, 13 hours for LTE and 15 hours for Wi-Fi. You can also play music longer because the battery will last after 45 hours. If you play videos, you will also not be annoyed with the battery life because it can last up to 15 hours. So, it can be concluded that S7 offers a little bit better battery.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Connectivity

You also need to compare the connectivity between LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Smartphone. Firstly, both of them offer Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. Besides that, those 2 Smartphone also offer the same Wi-Fi connectivity features. For USB connectivity, LG G5 comes with USB type C connector whereas S7 offers microUSB connector. Still related to the connectivity, LG G5 has mass storage device and USB charging features whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 applies mass storage device, USB charging and USB Host. Other connectivity options offered by both mobile phones are mobile payment, positioning, navigation, etc.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Other Features

Besides the features above, you can still find some other features from these two best Smartphone options. Both come with notifications that include Speakerphone, Silent mode, flight mode, vibration, Polyphonic ringtones, Music ringtones, and Haptic feedback. Both of them also offer sensor features including compass and accelerometer. Even more, Galaxy S7 also applies Gyroscope, Hall, and Barometer. In addition, S7 comes with M4 and T3 hearing air compatibility. Other features applied by both mobile phones are voice recording, voice commands, and voice dialing.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Software

In relation to the software, both of these mobile phones come with Android Marshmallow. So, you will get the same experience whether you use LG G5 or Galaxy S7 from Samsung. However, Samsung Galaxy S7 is a little bit better because it offers other features including Samsung Pay and Games launcher. In addition, you will also be offered with Knox as the security software from Samsung. So, if you want the more complete experience, S7 will be the better choice but if you want the simpler experience, LG G5 is the better option for you.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Memory

Memory is also very important to pay attention before buying Smartphone. For the card slot, LG G5 comes with microSD where the memory can be up to 256 GB. It is the dedicated slot. Besides that, this Smartphone also offers 32 GB of internal memory. For the RAM, this Android has 4 GB capacity. Considering the memory above, LG G5 is good for heavy applications, games, etc so that the performance is undoubted. That is why it becomes a good choice for you.

On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S7 offers many options of card slot. It offers dual SIM model with microSD memory that can be up to 256 GB capacity. It uses SIM 2 slot. Besides that, it also offers single SIM model with microSD that can be up to 256 GB using dedicated slot. It also comes with great internal memory. For the internal storage, it offers two options. They are 32 GB and 64 GB memory. For the RAM, the capacity is same with what LG G5 offers that is 4 GB. Anyway, you can use it for many uses freely and smoothly.

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Design

LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Multimedia

Comparing between LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Androids should also pay attention to the multimedia feature. Both of them apply DLNA mirroring. For music player, they both offer playlist, genre, artist, and album. For the features, LG G5 offers Dolby Digital Plus, Background playback, and album art cover whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 only offers background playback and album art cover. For the speaker, they apply same features including loudspeaker and earpiece.

That is all the review about LG G5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7. In conclusion, they have their own strengths. LG G5 is better on camera, software, and memory whereas Samsung Galaxy S7 is better on design, hardware, and battery life. On other specs, they are similar. So, you should compare them and choose one that is more appropriate for your need by considering the review above.

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