The Best Xiaomi Mi Max Review

In the modern era like today, smartphone is one of the most important devices that should be had by people. Most people need this gadget because it will offer the satisfaction feature that can facilitate people including information, entertainment, and so forth. Therefore, many products are available found including Xiaomi Mi Max. Based on the Xiaomi Mi Max review, this gadget has large screen that can satisfy the user to operate the gadget. Moreover, this gadget also has some specs that can comfort the people when they need something for their life.

The specs of Xiaomi Mi Max

The type of this gadget has been released at the previous month and most people it gets attentions for most people in the world due to its specs and feature. The screen, which is large and it is supported by great technology, which is powerful will make people comfortable to use the device. The high technology, which can be found at the feature, also makes people interested into this gadget very well. The high technology at this gadget can be seen at the hardware component and also the software that can comfort the user to operate the gadget. Therefore, it will be the best idea for people to look at the specs and feature through this review before purchasing the gadget for their life.

Review for Xiaomi Mi Max

Why should Xiaomi Mi Max review?

Getting the review for Xiaomi Mi Maxis important because people will know all information about this device. Looking at the specs and feature for any devices are important because it will lead you to know how to operate the device and the advantages for the device very well. Moreover, the review also not only tells about the over plus of the devices but it also will tell the weakness so that people can overcome the weakness when they have any device in their home. Besides, it also can offer the satisfaction information for people that can make them easier to use this device in their home.

The importance of the review is that it will make you to be a great buyer because you can suit the model and specs based on your information in review. Therefore, this one will make you a smart buyer because you can check the condition of the device very well. You do not worry about the device performance because you have checked the device. In other words, the review will teach you how to be a smart buyer during purchasing the gadget. It will look simple but it has great function for people to have many advantages when they purchase this Xiaomi Mi Max.

The specs of Xiaomi Mi Max

The specs of this gadget are impressive. You can start to look at the design of this design, which has interested screen. This gadget uses the user interface MIUI and it is adopting MIUI 8. With this design, people will not be bored when they operate this gadget for their life. Moreover, this one also offers some interesting theme suitable with your need. The feature that can be seen in this MIUI 8 is impressive that cannot be seen the previous system so that it will make people happier to operate the device. The most impressive one that can be found in this gadget is that it will be supported with IPS screen 6.44 inch. It will be amazing for smartphone with this technology.

Furthermore, you also will find that the review for Xiaomi Mi Max also inform about the operating system which has internal 32GB where the RAM 3GB and CPU snapdragon 650(Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex A-53 and Dual-core 1.8 GHz). With this impressive operating system, people can access the gadget faster. Moreover, you also can find other types in this gadget, which has 128GB and RAM 4GB which is supported CPU snapdragon 652 (Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A53& Quad-core 1.8 GHz Cortex A72). This technology can make people happy to do their activity with this gadget in their hand.

Besides, this device is also supported with the memory external such as micro SD that can save up to 200GB and it uses GPU Adreno 510. Therefore, you can save everything you want in this gadget without any difficulties. The operating system, which is used in this gadget is android OS v6.0 or marshmallow. This operating system will offer something new for you so that you will have new experience to operate the device. The screen is interesting because it uses marshmallow as the latest technology in android. read also Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Review and Specs

Furthermore, the Xiaomi Mi Max review shows that this gadget is designed larger than Lumia 1520. This gadget has incredibly length with 7.5mm. Moreover, the chassis of this gadget is made by aluminum alloy, which has weight over 200 gram. If you look at this gadget on the front side, you will have 6.44-inch 2.5D curved screen with to no bezel on the sides. Furthermore, the back side of this gadget is totally flat and it has minimal design element that can show the stylish appearance of the gadget. The screen of this gadget is pretty and it is very bright and sunlight legibility that can impress people to use the gadget.

The feature of Xiaomi Mi Max

Furthermore, you also should look at the camera of this gadget because it has 16-megapixle camera sensor with using technology of PDAF and wide f/2.0 aperture. This feature of camera will offer the satisfaction one for people because it will take a great picture at your smartphone without any difficulties. Moreover, you also will find that this camera has some features including shooting model including HDR, smile Detection, face detection, beauty face, panorama, and so forth that can make the picture quiet good. The color, which can be found in this camera, is also dynamic range to lack. You will find the level details in this camera such as reduced to a minimum and sharpening that can satisfy for people to use this gadget.

Besides, other features are available for this gadget such as the connectivity at the gadget. The review of Xiaomi Mi Max shows that this connectivity is a beast as well. This one has feature hybrid SIM card slot that can use for two SIM cards. Moreover, the connectivity that can be found in this gadget is also impressive because it offers 4G globally LTE network speeds. Besides, the reception of this gadget is great that can satisfy you very well. The Wi-Fi supported, which is installed in this gadget is 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. The model of this WiFi is great because it will have no problem for connecting modem.

Moreover, the Bluetooth version that can be found in this gadget is also great because it uses 4.2version and it is currently top of technology. Besides, it also connects faster and it will not influence to your battery life. The GPS and A-GPS in this gadget is also great that can offer the exact location without any difficulties. In other words, this gadget will offer great mapping service at your device. Therefore, if you are lost, you can use this feature to find the correct direction well.

The battery, which is used in this device is also great because it has 4850mAh lithium-ion battery so that it can stand longer after you charge the device fully. The Xiaomi Mi Max review also informs that this battery life can stand up to two days more without charging. It will depend on your usage and signal reception. This device has Qualcomm technology quick charging 3.0technology that can offer the satisfaction one during charging process because it will help to charge faster. With this one, this gadget only needs to charge battery less than 2 hours. It will be great.

The pros and cons for Xiaomi Mi Max

Although this gadget has impressive technology, this one also has pros and cons that should be known as the best way for people to think before purchasing. For the pros, you will see that this gadget has beautiful and thin device which is made by high quality material that can stand longer so that you do not worry when it falls from your hand. Moreover, the stylish design in this gadget also makes people love to have this gadget and to hold this device well.

Furthermore, the review of Xiaomi Mi Max also shows that this battery life is unbelievable that can stand longer to use. It means people do not need to charge the device about 2 days depend on their usage because the battery of his device has 4850mAh. Besides, the camera, which is had in this gadget is also fantastic because it has solid camera performance to use. The good chipset fitted inside and fingerprint scanner at this device also can offer something new in your hand where it will be supported by latest android version.

Xiaomi Mi Max review

Moreover, it also has cons where the device of this gadget is quiet big. In other words, if you have small hand, this gadget is not recommended for you because it can make you to fall this gadget down easily. Besides, no NFC and limited to 1080p for 30fps video recording also can make people disappointed because it has high quality for recording. It looks simple but it can influence the people to record any video well.


In brief, the Xiaomi Mi Max review will be important for people to know the information about this gadget. Moreover, this gadget also can be one of the biggest phones because it has impressive specs and feature that can facilitate people very well. The feature which is a lot of good where it has large battery will satisfy the user. Because of that, if you are still looking for a large device that can offer many ways, choosing this gadget will be the best idea because Xiaomi Mi Max has something that will not be disappointed for user.

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